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Terms & Conditions / Returns

The following is a summary of Ohmex's...

    • Terms and Conditions of Sale
    • Warranty of Goods
    • Shipping
    • Returns/Repairs

These are general terms and conditions of supply, for a more formal and comprehensive document please contact Ohmex and request the document you require...

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Unless a prior agreement exists all goods are sold on a prepaid basis.

On receipt of a formal order a pro-forma invoice will be issued with payment/currency details. All goods and components will be fully listed on all documents.

Payment can be made by cheque, electronic bank fund transfer or by credit card using our PayPal facility. Letter of credit is not an acceptable form of payment. All costs of payment are at the purchasers expense.

When payment is received in full the goods will be dispatched via a reputable courier service and details of the airway bill forwarded by fax/email to the customer. Delivery to PO Box numbers or private residence is not possible.

Warranty of Goods

In line with most modern instrument manufacturers Ohmex offers two levels of warranty...

30 Day No-Quibble

If the goods are wrong or entirely unsuitable for the customers requirements a full refund less shipping costs and taxes will be made if the goods are returned in unused condition within 30 days of purchase. The user needs to request a Returns Number directly with Ohmex before using this facility.

EU 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

All goods manufactured by Ohmex are covered by a standard 2 Year warranty covering parts and labour defects. This does not include wear and tear or software modifications to the product. The user needs to request a Returns Number directly with Ohmex before using this facility.


All goods shipped by Ohmex are at cost using a reputable air courier service or professional shipping company. Goods are insured for loss and damage but are deemed to have been received in good condition on receipt of a valid signature unless immediately notified.

The purchaser may choose to ship using their own courier account by prior arrangement with Ohmex. These shipments will be correctly packed by Ohmex but deemed to be at the purchasers cost and risk unless agreed otherwise.

Ohmex goods are supplied in suitable IP67, impact resistant, shipping cases with suitable packing materials. Failure to return goods in the same standard of packing will void any duty of care or responsibility for damage caused in transit.


All goods returned for repair must have been agreed with Ohmex prior to their return and a valid RMA return authorisation obtained.

Goods that arrive without valid authorisation will not be accepted and will be repatriated on the senders account or placed in demoragge at the senders expense.

Returns from Outside the EU

Goods being returned for repair from outside the EU must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice showing the following information and the appropriate "return for repair" box checked on the air waybill.

   • Shipping name and address on headed Pro-Forma invoice
   • Show shipping costs only, no value for the goods to be repaired
   • "Goods returned to manufacturer for repair"
   • All inward shipping charges to consignee
   • "Values shown for Custom Purposes Only"
   • Harmonised commodity code is 9015.80.31

Failure to show the above will probably mean the shipper will have to pay tax when the goods are jmported to the UK or reimported to their own country.