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HydroLite MAX - SonarMite BTX + Trimble Tablet PC + RTK

The HydroLite MAX system represents the ultimate in precision portable hydrographic surveying equipment, based around the integration of the Trimble RTK GPS, Tablet PC and the Ohmex ‘SonarMite’ portable DSP echo sounder the system further extends the boundaries of shallow water hydrographic surveying equipment. The release of the HydroLite MAX marks a further milestone in the introduction of equipment designed around the WinSTRUMENT concept using the latest portable computers integrated with new measurement technologies.
HydroLite MAX - Main Features
Bluetooth technology integrated with Trimble SPS series GPS
Proven 'Smart' depth transducer design with QA output
Internal rechargeable battery for all day use in the field
Easily integrated with other modern software packages
Full function Windows Tablet PC applications
Trimble® Tablet PC with SonarMite software combines RTK precision GPS with a DSP echo sounder with integrated Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. In the field, the high-performance GPS receiver gives you the best accuracy possible from a wide range of RTK correction sources. It all adds up to a compact and versatile tool that's built for extreme conditions and long working days. The use of Bluetooth wireless technology enables the SonarMite instrument to be waterproof and used in a hostile environment while the more sensitive computer features can be located in a more user friendly environment up to 50m away from the instrument.

The SonarMite instrument uses 'Smart' integrated echo sounder transducer technology, in addition to highly reliable bottom tracking algorithms using DSP techniques the system also outputs a quality value associated with every depth measurement made.