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The TUF variant of the SonarMite echo sounder is designed for semi-permanent installation in a survey boat. The main differences between the devices being the TUF version does not contain internal batteries, has no external carry case and includes a robust stainless steel  transducer. Internally the SonarMite includes a voltage regulator that accepts a wide range of DC input voltages ranging from 9 to 32 volts.
The SonarMite TUF instrument uses similar 'Smart' integrated transducer technology used in previous systems, in addition to highly reliable bottom tracking algorithms using DSP techniques the system also outputs a quality value associated with every depth measurement made. The popular SonarW10 software has been updated to the latest Windows versions. Software for the 'front end' of the SonarMite is available to run on a wide range of devices from Tablet PCs through to the full range of desktop systems and PDAs running the Windows operating system.

ASVU - Auto Sound Velocity update

The SonarMite TUF is a compact, portable, low power system for use in shallow water hydrographic surveys, it's small size and low power requirements make the system easy to deploy and transport to remote or inaccessible sites. The SonarMite TUF is a single beam echo sounder providing a wider range of solutions for surveyors working in shallow water hydrographic surveying. All models make use of a range of interchangeable smart transducers. In its simplest form the SonarMite TUF is a 200KHz single beam system in the same format as the previous SonarMite systems. Every measured depth is accompanied by a QA and sound velocity value which can be used for post analysis of the survey data.

Automatic SV update based on water temperature.
With reference to the sound velocity in seawater equations shown at ....
The SonarMite works in shallow water (<70m) so the significant variables in calculating sound velocity in water are the salinity and water temperature. The minor variable in Sound Velocity calculation is salinity which can be preset as a base offset for 'fresh' water (1500 m/s) and 'salt' water (1550 m/s).
The major measured variable is the water temperature which although measured by the transducer near the surface is a representative value. The time of flight of the depth measurement reflection being an average measured as 'there and back'.

SonarMite TUF - Installation echo sounder