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WX150 Weather Sensor

The WX150 is a fully integrated weather array featuring state of the art combination of wind, temperature, barometer, relative humidity with position and attitude sensors. The small physical package can easily be mounted on a static location or a mobile platform such as a buoy platform. The LB150 is a version with relative humidity sensors designed specifically for static land based applications such as Port VTS information systems. The PB150 is designed for dynamic marine applications and does not have an RH sensor.
A lightweight unit,the instrument is of a robust, high strength construction, designed to withstand installation and use with no fear of the damage commonly experienced with the more fragile cups, vanes or propellers. Without the need for expensive on-site calibration or maintenance and with a corrosion free exterior, PB100 is a true fit and forget unit.
The concept behind EDAS is to provide Environmental Data collection systems using distributed computer processing and saving the results in a standard database format thus making use of modern computer networking technology. The PB100 is supplied with a driver program to interface the environmental data to the EDAS software package. Alternativly the sensor can be used with the standard WeatherCaster display software supplied with the package wich emulates ships panel displays (requires NMEA interface box).